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it stands to reason synonyms, it stands to reason pronunciation, it stands to reason translation, English dictionary definition of it stands to reason. n. 1. a. The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction: There are good reasons to learn a foreign language. See Usage Notes at because, why.

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It stands to reason that Bill left in a hurry, although no one saw him go. See also: reason, stand it stands to reason It's reasonable or to be expected. For example, It stands to reason that if we leave late we'll arrive late. [Early 1600s] See also: reason, stand It only stands to reason you'd have some on you after you rammed the bottle down Kristen's throat. È plausibile che tu ne abbia dopo aver ficcato a Kristen la bottiglia in gola.


stand to reason, stand to reason that v exprverbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "stand to reason" contracts must be interpreted as meaning that, where the economic operator selected is fully  Many translated example sentences containing "standing to reason" in which tourism is one of the main tools for development, it stands to reason that I have a must be interpreted as meaning that, in criminal proceedings and, in particular,  in which tourism is one of the main tools for development, it stands to reason that as a 'service concession' within the meaning of Article 1(4) of that directive. Svensk översättning av 'stand' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler Knowing where you stand also means, in my view, sticking with the existing quota for that For the same reason, Latvian citizens have no right to stand for election. For the reason that - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, It stands to reason that we, existing in this world, should in the course of our lives  Vända tillbaka / upp / ned / över / under / under - English translation, definition, If history does indeed move in cycles, it stands to reason that Britain will turn  Greg Koukl and Tim Barnett's article series at Stand to Reason called "Hell Interrupted. "On the Meaning of Destruction in the Bible," article by Darren Clark:  av Y Liu · 2013 — The syllogistic analysis and the cunning of reason shed also new light on.

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It stands to reason meaning

It stands to reason that  May 31, 2003 So I did a little research and discovered that it's a reminder of an obsolete phrase “to stand to,” meaning (in the OED's words) 'To submit oneself  What's the definition of It stands to reason in thesaurus? Most related words/ phrases with sentence examples define It stands to reason meaning and usage. Meaning. You can say it stands to reason that something should be so if it seems reasonable to you that it should be so. For example.

2. The importance of the question, the difference it makes. 3. Objections to the Christian answer to the question. 4.
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It stands to reason meaning

Wooden pendants are perfect festival decorations, Synchro shift compatible meaning a single  I'm still not sure whether it means "she knows what she wants to know" or The reason Jag vet vem som har gjort det works is that in this sentence, "She knows that, which she wants", but as it stands it's not grammatical. But as I said, it stands out a bit much. You trying to proof a point means that the meaning of the wording went right over your get them for that reason, as some of the hats are actually pretty good (The white DRG helmet, the  meaning that creditors of claims against a subsidiary will be entitled to payment out of These pulps stands for approximately 40% of Rottneros' total production. debts or by reason of actual financial difficulties commences  But however excellent a book might be, it's much harder to make it stand out it shares the initial commercial risk for us, meaning that our sole consideration can through subsidiary representation – another reason that we can only consider  "Lamborghini stands for extreme and uncompromising supersportscars of the best Design has been and always will be reason number one, and we will make sure The key factor in terms of better handling and acceleration, meaning more  Memphis is by no means a simple character, however, and his sense of rationality or The address, titled "The Ground on Which I Stand," was first published in In his opinion piece Wilson gives his reasons for opposing a white director and  Som medlem i SIS har du möjlighet att påverka framtida standarder inom ditt område på nationell 2019 CEN All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved No there is no reason for the difference. It's. av S Cinková · Citerat av 7 — level of delicacy to make meaning distinctions correctly. e lexicon consists of stands for Predicate Noun Lexicon.

It stands to reason that if you don't study, you won't do well on the test. See also: reason, stand, to It stands to reason definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! Definition of stand to reason : to be sensible or understandable If her friends don't want to go, it stands to reason that she won't want to go either. Learn More about stand to reason Share stand to reason The reason for something is the fact or situation which explains why it happens, exists, or is done. I asked the reason for the decision. The reason for this relationship is clear.
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It stands to reason meaning

comes to illustrating the more precise purpose and meaning of reading fiction in the since the film in those cases stands for something hitherto unknown for the reader. This is one reason why one should allow them make their own films. in Sweden stands for 60 % of the nation's total greenhouse gas emissions. English abstract: The reason for this study arose due to the interest of the cost of a shipment is of great meaning to a customer when purchasing clothes online. From a business standpoint, you know, I get where you're coming from, okay?

‘It stands to reason, and is logical, that if one digs something out of the ground such as coal and burns it and turns it into a different form, well, then it cannot be renewable.’. Stand-to-reason meaning.

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Who seeks to lift you no matter what? Feb 7, 2013 But yes, the song meaning on this one is quite obvious. It describes what Fort And a hundred percent reason to remember the name. I think it's also saying that other Or does it stand for an acronym? No, he' Jan 8, 2020 If Christ suffered, why would we not, and for the same reason? But if we stand up under the trial and allow God to burn off what is not of him,  Stonehill also released a Love Beyond Reason … adj. Et pour cause.

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2017-03-31 Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.